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1. What time is it right now? 5:05

2. What are you wearing right now? Black pants ,red fishy nets, and mario mushroom shirt

3. Do you like going to school functions, dances, bonfires, blood drives, etc.? fires XO

4. what is the weather like outside? snowy

5. How is your day so far? Confusing

6. how many pets do you have? 1

7. What is your main reason for going to school everyday? To get a education to get out of here

8. Do you like someone? Yep ;-;

9. Does that person know you like them? They should ;-;

10. Would you ever call that person on a dare? ;-; I don’t think that would make them happy


11. favorite drink? AMP or Jones

12. Favorite piece of clothing? My red fish nets and Mario mushroom

13. favorite place to eat out at? MOOSE IS TOOTH <3

14. Favorite place to be?  New York

15. Favorite movie? Hmmm right now Clerks

16. Favorite person in the whole world?  That’s my dirty little secret

18. Favorite brand of clothing? Tripp

19. Favorite thing to do? Watch movies

~~~Guys only~~~~

20. Blonde or brunnette girl?

21. Smart or dumb?

22. Shallow and hot, or thoughtful and ugly?

23. Would you ever go out with a girl because of pity?

24. What do you like about girls most?

25. Are you a chick magent?

26. What do you find most annoying about girls?

27. Have you ever cheated on a girl?

28. What do you notice about girls first?

29. What would you do if she burped in public really loud?

30. Has a girl ever broken your heart?

31. what is your type? 


32. What is the first thing you notice about guys? There eyes or smile

33. Long or short hair? Whatever they like

34. Loud guys, or quiet shy ones? Whatever I fall for

35. what do you find most annoying about guys? Not know what they think

36. Are you a dude magnet? Nope….i think more girls have hit on me then guys ^^;;;

37. shallow and hot, or thoughtful and ugly?  .-. thoughtful come on who would pick shallow and hot

38. would you ever go out with someone because of pity? Nope

39. What would you do if he burped really loud in public? FUCK NO! U LIKE MY DAD .-. then run away

40. Has a guy ever broken your heart? HAHAHAHAH .o. what do u think

41. Blonde or brunnette guys? Brunette

42. what is your type? That’s my dirty little secret  

~~~ YES/NO ~~~

43. Have you ever played spin the bottle? No XO DUMEST GAME EVER...it's made for horny teenagers that can get kissed on there own

44. Ever had a sleepover? .-. ya

45. Ever had a paintball war? Nope

46. Ever had a pillow fight and lost? XO I NEVER LOSE IN VIOLNCE

47. Ever been beat up by someone other than a sibling? .-. only family

48. Ever cried in front of someone you liked? Nope punched him before he saw me cry  ^^;;;;

49. Ever cried at a movie? .-. not answering

50. Ever been kissed? yes

51. ever wondered what someone was thinking about you? .-. ya

52. Ever told someone you liked them in person? yep

53. Ever killed an animal? Yes XD fun fun

54. Ever felt sorry for someone but didn't do anything about it?  Nope I’ll do what ever I think that’s right that will help the situation ..... .-. but somethings u can't do any thing

55. Ever wish you could go back in time? RIA, RACHEL, AND ME GET DIBS  XO

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