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i'm starting to hate men .-. i didn't think that was possible.....rachel got dumped.....i don't know why that makes me hate guys...maybe it's cause when they dump some one most of them are say the same shit .-. ......rachel does diseved that (well vary few do)....tommorrow is her birthday and i don't know what to do to make her happy.... GOD DAMN THAT ASS HOLE ..... how can they act like they love someone for a couple days (or weeks) before they break up with them...then out of no where break up with them....... i can't belive someone so nice that helped her out through reall hard time just left her....god i want to beat josh (his graduated so its not a josh anyone here knows)....i wish i could make her (and all the other girls who got dumped this school year) feel better...i mean most of them didn't desiver it.....i really wish i could make rachel's birthday special......

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