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5 years ago

How old were you?: ten 
What grade were you in?: ummmm I think 4th or 5th grade

Where did you go to school?: Redoubt

Where did you work?: toooo young
Where did you live?: soldotna

Where did you hang out?: where ever ryan,sami, or yuzhun did

How was your hair style?: long and brown

Did you wear braces?: nope

Did you wear glasses?: not then

Who was your best friend?: sami or ryan

Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend?: too young

Who was your celebrity crush?: o.o dude like I remember

Who was your regular-person crush?: ryan

Still a virgin?: FUCK ya I was ten years old

How many piercings did you have?: none

How many tattoos did you have?: none

What was your favorite band?: .-. umm I think it was spice girls still

What was your biggest fear?: niddles

Had you smoked a cigarette yet?: nope

Had you gotten drunk or high yet?: no

Had you driven yet?: ya XD


How old are you?: 15

Whats your educational status?: freshmen in high school
Where do you go to school?: Sohi

Where do you work?: closes thing to work is helping out the manga store

Where do you live?: Soldotna
Where do you hang out?:  manga store…or Ms.Eggalstons art room…..beside that I’m at home or at school

How is your hair style?: long brown hair

Do you wear braces?: ;-; sadly yes

Do you wear glasses?: now I do

Who is your best friend?: ria,cady, bobo , and a couple other people

Who is your boyfriend/girlfriend?: none

Who is your celebrity crush?: Jason Mraz, Kyo from Dir en Grey….and the rest are secrets 

Who's your regular-person crush?: if u don’t know this already …I’m not say it again
Still a Virgin?: Yes

How many piercings do you have?: none

How many tattoos do you have?: none

What is your favorite band?: MRC, Dir en Grey, Malice Mizer, and a couple others
Have you gotten drunk or high yet?: still haven’t XO

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